Monday, June 27, 2011

New Tattoos

Jason and I have been talking about getting matching tattoos since we lived in Singapore last year. And by talking, I mean me begging and Jason saying no. A couple months ago, Jason finally agreed and we went to the tattoo shop to get it drawn up when we were home for our wedding. Mind you, I thought I would get something small to medium sized so I could get it on my foot. We asked Mike from Inksomnia to draw a phoenix and a dragon holding a sphere. In the Asian culture it is the symbol for marriage and eternal love. We decided that this would be perfect, as we just got married and it will always remind of us our time in Asia. After seeing Mike's drawing, we both loved it and had to get it.

Yesterday, we finally got them. We both spent 5 hours in the chair while Mike worked his magic. We were at the shop for a total of 10 hours but it was totally worth it. In December, we are getting them finished off with some color. It's amazing how great they look and we still have one more session to go. I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like.

Until then, here is what it looks like after session 1:
Although it is bigger than I had first anticipated, I love it and am so happy with it! Is it December yet?! ;)

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