Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Very First Dirndl

I finally got my very own dirndl. It's funny because when we first visited Salzburg last year, I saw so many people in dirndls and lederhosen and thought to myself that I would never wear one. But, we are locals now and there are so many events that I will be able to wear it to- carnivals, festivals, weddings, and so much more. 

When I first went shopping, I was by myself. I didn't see any that I liked and began to question if I really wanted one. Perhaps it was the shop that I went to, where I felt extremely uncomfortable and didn't even know what I was looking for.

A few days later, Sego and I went shopping together and not only did I find one that I loved, I found two. It was very tough to pick between them, but this is the one that I ended up with. Perhaps I will go back and get the other sometime.

My next mission is to get Jason some lederhosen. I can't wait! He's going to look so hot!!

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