Thursday, June 16, 2011

Austrian Proposals, Rings, and Wedding Things

As I was showing some of our wedding pictures to a few of the ladies in Jason's office, they were astonished that Jason and I do not have matching wedding rings. This was not the only thing in the wedding department where Austrians differ from Americans.

Apparently, it is very uncommon for Austrians to get engagement rings which means they usually skip the whole engagement thing all together. As soon as I heard this I asked, "Well then how do you know you will get married?" They explained that the man usually talks to the woman's father (traditionally) and then the couple talks about getting married and pick a date. Some ask their future wives in a romantic way but it is not frowned upon if they did not.

When they finally make it to the alter, the husband and the wife have matching wedding bands that are worn on the right hand. They are usually engraved on the underside with their names and the date.

I'm sure there are many other Austria wedding traditions that I have yet to learn. Hopefully while we are here in the next couple of years, we will be invited to a wedding so I can see what a true Austrian wedding is like.

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