Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Honeymoon- Where He Learned He Married A Little Devil ;)

Well, the actual honeymoon is over. I say actual because our trip may be over but things have never been better. I guess that's what a little R&R does for ya. Oh yeah, and the whole wedding thing too. ;)

On our honeymoon, we went to Riviera Maya (near Playa Del Carmen), Cozumel, and Cancun. You may be asking yourself why we chose Mexico out of the whole world that is our playground. Well, for one, I have never been. Jason loves Mexico (probably due to his love for tequila) and the diving is amazing. Add that to his parents giving us a week (out of two) at a fancy resort and being close to Atlanta and there ya have it. Overall, it was the best trip/vacation we have ever been on. Although, there were definitely some *interesting* events.

If you read my blog, you know that the week of the wedding I decided to get scuba certified so Jason and I could go diving together. If you haven't read it, HERE is the blog I wrote.

On the first Wednesday of our honeymoon, Jason and I decided to have the photographer at our resort take some beach honeymoon pictures of us (as if we don't already have enough pictures of us). Looking back, I am so thankful that we did this. You will understand why in a moment. But first, here are some of the pictures that were taken. I love them all!
The day after we had our pictures taken, Jason and I decided to finally go diving. I was super excited, as it was my first time diving in the ocean and diving where I could actually see things (Lake Lanier just didn't do it for me!). On my very first dive, we went down 90 feet. On my way down, my mask felt like it was suctioning to my face. I was struggling the whole way down to get it off my face (later I learned that Jason thought that I was trying to get hair out of my mask). Not knowing that there was an acual term for this- mask squeeze- I tried to make due and finally got it to fit properly after we got down to the bottom. Well...too little too late! As soon as I got up from my very first dive, I got some very strange looks from everyone on the boat. Then Jason calmly asked me, "Um Lauren... Are you ok? Does your face hurt?" Not things that you want to see and hear after your very first dive, I assure you. I felt super dizzy and had a pounding headache. I'm surprised I didn't pass out. As I reached for my aviators and turned them around, I gasped in horror. Oh.My.God!! What the hell happened to my eyes?! I found out too little too late that I had obtained that darn little term that I didn't know about- mask squeeze. Now, I am only going to post pictures in hopes that this won't happen to you because you learned from MY mistake. And don't worry, they don't hurt and will get back to normal eventually... they just look awful! Tomorrow will be 3 weeks and my eyes are STILL red! (But thank God they are getting better!!)

When it first happened, it didn't look so bad. Just a little dotted, swollen, and on the verge of two black eyes. And yes, I cried... a lot (not in pain but because I looked horrible the rest of our honeymoon).
They say that the 4th day is always the worst. I would have to agree.
We had two dives scheduled that day, and obviously I wasn't feeling up to diving again that day. Jason was scared that I would hang up my goggles for good, but I decided that I learned my lesson and would try diving again. You may think I'm crazy, but we went diving 5 more times after this incident. I assure you, I will never make that mistake ever again and we had a total blast! In Riviera Maya, we dove the cenotes, which was the scariest thing I have ever done but was amazing! Basically they are underwater caverns that are super dark and have stalactites and stalagmites. The natural light reflects in the water and it feels like you are floating in air. It was super cool! Please excuse the terrible underwater pictures, as they were taken with a cheap underwater camera.

While we were in Cozumel, we also went diving. I can't remember the name of the reef, but it was located off of the infamous Wall. The dives in Cozumel were my favorites!
While honeymooning, we also went deep sea fishing. We caught a couple of different things. I say things because somehow we managed to score a large sea turtle, as well as fish. We had a sailfin on the line but unfortunately it got away. Sad!
Here are some other photos that were taken during our trip. Please excuse pictures where I look like a little devil. ;)
This was seriously the best trip of our lives. I can't believe how fast nearly 2 weeks went by. I am so sad that it is over but the memories will never fade. Jason, I had so much fun with you on the honeymoon and can't wait to start "real life" with you. I love you!! x

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