Thursday, June 9, 2011

Airport Fiasco

Jason and I arrived at the airport on Sunday evening to fly home to Salzburg for a couple of weeks. We dropped off our rental car and proceeded to check-in. Jason checked in just fine. I placed my passport in the kiosk and an error message kept coming up saying that there was no flight booked under my name. Weird. We waited in line and went up to the Delta counter. The man that assisted us was very helpful but told us that I was not booked on a flight and that there were no seats available on Jason's flight. Ughh. Most of our travel is booked through Jason's company's travel agency. The agent accidently forgot to book me. I'm actually suprised this is the first time this has happened, being that we travel so much and have a hectic schedule. Anyway, I was starting to get upset because I was pretty excited to go home after being in the States (and Mexico) for nearly 6 weeks. Jason changed his flight until the following day, Monday, so we could figure things out. In order to get home, we had to rent another car from Budget. Go figure- the only car they had available in such short notice was a new Mustang convertible. Usually I would be ecstatic but we had so much darn luggage, I wasn't sure it would all fit. Well it did, but barely. I'm sure we looked pretty funny driving all the way home. We definitely got some looks.
The good news is we got everything figured out and Jason and I flew home to Salzburg on Monday evening. It feels so good to be home and back to some normalcy. I am, however, looking forward to being back in Atlanta at the end of this month to see family and friends while Jason is home for meetings. Yay!

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