Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Umag, Croatia

Jason and I packed our bags and were off to Umag, Croatia this past weekend. What a trip!

The trip didn't start off too well. After leaving Austria, we entered Slovenia where we were immediately pulled over (as soon as we left the tunnel from Austria) for not having purchased a sticker (vignette) that is needed to use their highway (kind of like a toll). The ticket and sticker cost us $215. Bummer! We won't make that mistake again!

We made it to our hotel in good time. Would have been better if we didn't get pulled over, but I don't want to dwell in the past. Included in our room rate was breakfast and dinner so we dropped our bags off upstairs and then grubbed on some food in the restaurant. After dinner we went to the bar and grabbed a drink. My favorite part of this was when I was reading the drink list, their name for a virgin sex on the beach was called safe sex on the beach. I thought this was so clever!

Saturday we spent our day we walking around Umag and then driving down a good part of the coast. It was gorgeous!! Reminded me of Italy in so many ways. Especially our lunch, which was by far the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life (even better than the pizza I ate in Italy). Just thinking about it is making my mouth water! (and I'm not even a pizza person!!)
Picture of downtown Umag

Love the little streets!

Boats on a dock...

Random records that were thrown in the water...

The pizza place is in the far left corner. We sat outside because it was a gorgeous day!

After perusing around for the day and dinner at the hotel, we went to a local pub. It was fun but we were definitely the oldest people in the bar being that the drinking age is 16 and up. We still had fun, as always!

The next morning we had to check out. Our trip went by way too fast!! We can't wait to explore more of Croatia!

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  1. I am so glad you had such a good time in Croatia! I love going to Umag, there are so many people, especially in the time of ATP, everyone is connected, there are lot of partyes, good food and everything! :D