Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lake Königssee

On Sunday, Jason and I took a little road trip to Lake Königssee, which is located in Germany right near the Austrian border.

Lake Königssee is Germany's third deepest lake and was formed by glaciers during the last ice age. It is known as being Germany's cleanest lake.  For this reason, only electric driven passenger ships, rowing and pedal boats have been permitted on the lake since 1909.

About half way down the shoreline there is a gorgeous monestary, St. Bartholomä. In order visit it you must either take a ferry or hike several kilometers. Outside, there is a pretty beer garden and several trails to hike.

As soon as we arrived, we grabbed some lunch and beers at the beer garden before walking around some of the trails along the lake. It was still pretty cold and the lake still had ice on it. Sure did make for some great pictures! Enjoy!!
What was interesting was during our ferry ride we could see Eagle's Nest, Hitler's famous retreat that was given to him by the Nazis, on top of one of the mountains. I guess even the Nazis appreciated the beauty of Lake Königssee.

Definitely a beautiful and peaceful place!! Loved it!

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