Friday, August 26, 2011

Terezin Concentration Camp

While in Prague this week, Carolyn and I visited the Terezin Concentration Camp.

Although it was not an extermination camp, over 30,000 people died there as a result of poor living conditions. Most were sent East to other extermination camps where they were killed in gas chambers. Of 144,000 people that were sent to Terezin during the war, only 17,247 survived. Of the 15,000 that were children, only 93 survived.

To learn more about it, here is a great site to look at as well as the Wikipedia article.

To say that I enjoyed it would be a lie. It was interesting, yes but not enjoyable. It's funny because growing up we all learn about WWII and how many people died but you can't even fathom the numbers until you see all the headstones in the fields or the names written on the walls of the museum. It was definitely the saddest place I have visited thus far. It really puts life into perspective.

Here are some pictures of the small fortress.

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