Friday, November 6, 2009

Ohhh Bella Mia...

Preface: A couple nights ago I was outside with Jack and Bella letting them run around in the backyard. It was the first time Bella had been outside to play since she has finally gotten all of her shots and she was running around like crazy. My neighbors were outside and told me to be careful because several hawks like to hang out in the trees behind my house. I looked up and there were two hawks in the trees looking at my little pups. I decided to bring them in the house and we continued to play. Since then, I decided to only let Jack outside when he had to use the restroom since I didn't want them swooped up by the hawks.

Well, yesterday when I got home I followed my usual routine of letting Bella out of the bathroom (where she stays when I am not home) and then I let Jack outside to go potty. I have a door in my room that leads outside, since I live in the basement, and I always leave the door cracked so he can go out real quick and come right back in. As Jack was outside, I began to change out of my work clothes. I had just stripped down to my tank top and panties when I noticed that Bella was being awfully quiet. I looked around and did not see her and then I looked over to the cracked door. Sheer panic fell over me and I looked outside and Jack and Bella were outside playing in the yard. I looked up and saw the hawks. At that very moment, I had a decision to make. Go back inside and put clothes and shoes on and then get the puppies or run outside and get them and save them from the hawks. Being the near-perfect Mommy that I am, I chose the latter of the two and ran outside barefoot, in my thong and all. Now this was surely a sight because not only does Bella run away from you when you call her name (because she knows she is going to be put up) but there were also dog poopies everywhere from all the neighborhood dogs. So there I am, prancing around barefoot in my thong and tank top, trying to run around the piles of doodoo (as if they were landmines) all while trying to save my puppies from the evil hawks. I finally got the dogs back in the house and I pray that none of my neighbors saw me! Now if this isn't love, then I don't know what is.

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