Saturday, May 11, 2013


Guess what?! We are having a baby girl!! I bet you already guessed that though. We do, however, have some other very big news for our little family...

*We are moving back to Singapore!* Yes, you heard that right...

As much as I have enjoyed being Stateside the last few months, we are looking forward to our next adventure with our little girl in tow. After she makes her grand appearance, of course.

Jason will start his new position in July. He will go pick out a place at the beginning of July (and send me lots of pictures!!) and will travel back and forth until Olivia and I get everything together (shots, passports, paperwork, etc). We will most likely head out together sometime at the end of August.

I am nervous, scared, excited, happy, sad... all combined into one. I know it will be great for our family but I am so going to miss being so close to family and friends, especially since my sweet baby will have just arrived. It will most likely be a 2-3 year commitment and I know it will just fly by and we will be home to visit A LOT. Just pray that baby girl likes to travel because 24 hours of flying each way will probably be VERY stressful. I am very excited that we have the opportunity to show her the world though. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will be quite the adventure. I mean, what a lucky baby to be able to vacay in Thailand, Vietnam, Bali and whatnot. Not too shabby!

Is it bad that one of my first thoughts (besides missing family and friends, of course) is that Olivia won't even really get to enjoy her gorgeous nursery that we finally just finished? Oh well, we will move most of it with us. That's life I guess. We always seem to fly by the seat of our pants. ;)

So, while we are still here all summer, I hope to see all of my family and friends a lot before we leave. And, as always, we will have a guest room and visitors are very welcome!!

On that note, I will leave you with some pictures that were taken on our very first move abroad... to Singapore the first time back in April of 2010. Crazy how much things have changed since then. I am very much looking forward to this next adventure. We are so blessed!!


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  1. Hallo Lauren, wie geht es dir?
    What news! Moving back to Singapore!
    Hope you are fine?

    Alles Liebe und Grüße aus Salzburg