Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Desert Safari in Egypt

While we were in Egypt, Jason and I went on a desert safari to a Bedouin village via four wheelers. It was a total blast!

We were picked up at our hotel and brought to the safari place where we were given our scarves and four wheelers. We had to wear scarves because it was windy and the sand went everywhere. The scarf made sure that the sand didn't go in our mouth and nose. We jumped on our four wheelers and took about a 30 minute ride to the village. It was super bumpy but so much fun!!

We arrived at the little village and it was just amazing to see that people live that way. They live out in the desert and live a seminomadic life. There is a tribe leader, who below is pictured in the white. They rely on themselves and the land to survive. When they are sick, they don't go into the city for a doctor or a hospital but they take natural herb remedies to help with the healing. To make money, they sell items in their village to the tourists or they will sell camels to the locals. We learned alot about the culture that day. For instance, if one of the village people breaks the law, two men take them out to the middle of the desert and leave him there. If he finds another village, that village will take him in as a slave knowing that he was banished from his last village, and if he finds his way back he is allowed to stay. Most never make it back though. Sounds harsh, doesn't it?

We walked around the village quite a bit, looking at their mosque, camel wool factory and houses. We also went to a little animal house where there were all sorts of snakes and desert creatures. At nearly every cage we came to, the guy took out the creature. Needless to say, I was a bit freaked out, especially with the snakes. The guy thought it would be hilarious to put some lizards and stuff on my head. Don't worry, the picture is below and my face is priceless, so enjoy.

My favorite thing we did in the village though was when we went on a camel ride. We had a great time. I must admit though, it was a bit uncomfortable since it was a wooden saddle. I am very glad it was just a short ride because boy do those things hurt your hiney! One of the camels really like Jason and as he was getting off his camel, the one next to him tried to bite him. It was pretty funny.

All in all, it was a wonderful day of fun and learning more about the Egyptian culture. Here are pictures of our day. Enjoy!! xx


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