Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jessica and Hutto's Visit- Part 1

The rest of Jessica and Hutto's visit was amazing! We went from Munich to Salzburg then to Prague then back to Salzburg and then to Munich. Phew! Talk about a lot of travel in 8 days!

Although we had a blast the whole trip, here are some notable moments.

In Munich, our first stop was Hofbräuhaus (even before Oktoberfest). This is where Jessica and Hutto got a little taste of the fabulous beer and pretzels that Munich has to offer. We also got to see Shrek, but's that's a whole other story. ;)

In Salzburg, we made it to the last day of Der Rupertikirtag, which is a festival in Old Town Salzburg. There were tons of games, food stands, and of course a large beer tent set up. This is where we continued our Oktoberfest partying.

The next day, we woke up bright and early and were off to St. Gilgen where we enjoyed some yummy pizza while taking in the gorgeous view. Then on the way home, we stopped to go to tobogganing and then to the top of Geisburg. It was a very successful day!

While in Salzburg, I also took them to Mirabell Garden. They were in the middle of swapping out flowers but it was still as gorgeous as ever! Then, we were off to the castle and the Hotel Stein at sunset. Then to top it all off (as if it could get any better), we stopped for the best pizza in Salzburg. Life here never gets old! :)

(to be continued...)

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