Saturday, October 10, 2009

Keep The Change

As most of you already know, Barack Obama just won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize- one of the most important awards in the world. I think this was a huge shock to us all. What really baffles me, is that he was nominated only 12 days in office. Can someone please tell me what kind of accomplishments this man has actually come through with while he has been in office, let alone in the first 12 days? I truly do not understand why this man receives so much praise.

On a NY Times blog someone wrote: "What did Obama do to deserve the nobel peace prize?" Someone else wrote, "What he has done is not be George Bush." That was followed by several others with "You're an idiot" and my favorite..."Congratulations for not being George Bush, here is your prize. Love, Europe."

The award has previously gone to exceptional people, such as Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., and several other truly amazing people. By giving this award to Obama, I think it really diminishes its value and importance. It is so shocking that Obama would be acknowledged and be given this award for his "Change." The only change that I have experienced is my view of our country and how much of a joke it has become.

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