Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy 5 Months, Livi!

I still can't believe Livi is already 5 months old! Where is the time going and how do I make it stop?! We had a lovely day walking around Bondi Beach and having a mini photo shoot. Here are some of my favorite pictures from yesterday.

For those of you who ask how we travel without all of our baby stuff, this is how I feed Livi. Thank goodness she is good and doesn't move around too much. Except when she is eating her toes… apparently they taste just as good as her sweet potato, carrot and apple combo. 

Here's what Olivia has/can do so far:
~2 teeth
~sits up
~rolls over both ways
~recognizes her name
~eats baby food
~splashes and plays in the bath
~found her feet
~tries to crawl (unsuccessfully so far!)… who knows, maybe this will be the month ;)

Slow down, sweet girl! You are growing to fast!!

And another month bites the dust…


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