Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The "M" Word

The preparations have begun- the paperwork, the phone calls, the property tours, and all the stress that goes along with it. Moving. A word in my vocabulary that is becoming more and more routine. It's almost that time again... 

At the end of August we are off to our next destination. A new adventure. We will be heading back to Singapore for 2-3 years for Jason's job. Although we lived in Singapore briefly back in 2010, this time will be completely different. This time we will settle more and of course have a baby in tow. 

Even though we have lived in Singapore and I know what to expect, there is still a sense of nervousness, excitement, anticipation and sadness all rolled into one. Now don't get me wrong, I am not sad to move. We signed up for it and I am actually very excited to see what is in store for our family. I am just sad about leaving my family and friends and being half way around the world again, especially with Olivia. This short stint in the U.S. was sort of a tease because I finally got used to seeing all of my favorite people all the time which has been amazing. I guess it will just be something to look forward to when we move back again. I am nervous because I want to make sure we pick the right area, condo, etc. and because I'll be starting all over again having to make new friends. Even though this isn't our first rodeo, none of this ever gets easier. 

As I mentioned in my last post, Jason is out of town. He returns on Thursday and our moving preparations will commence. The first item on our list of things to do is to get Olivia's passport. Then we will have to meet with the moving company so they know what we want to take with us, which won't be much. Then we will take a trip out to Singapore to find a place to live, obtain our visas and to interview maids. Once we get back we will list our cars, ship our items and store the rest. All of this will happen in between visits to Salzburg, Ohio and Missouri. Then we will head back to Singapore to stay. I am getting overwhelmed just thinking about it. That's a lot to do in a month and a half, especially with a new baby. I'm pretty sure we are crazy. 

As much stress as this will cause, I know it will be totally worth it! So, dear friends, start saving your money now because visitors are welcome. :)


Here we go again... 

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