Friday, May 18, 2012

Asian Vacation 2012 pt.2

While we were in Thailand, we also spent a couple days scuba diving, as you may have read here. It was such a blast! When we weren't sailing or diving, we spent time at our pool over looking the beach. Just gorgeous!!

In the early evenings, Jason wanted to take pictures. He always takes such amazing sunset pictures. One such evening, we were out for a walk, walking towards Big Buddha, and Jason came across a lovely pier. I decided to sit on a swing and read while Jason was taking pictures. After about 45 minutes, I heard Jason call for me and said that he needed my help, which I thought was odd. As he approached he told me not to freak out but that he had stepped on a broken bottle and glass was in his foot. When I looked down, his whole foot was gushing blood and he was leaving a trail of blood behind him. I immediately took his tripod and camera and helped him get off the rocks onto more stable ground. I then walked ahead to try to find some bottled water to clean out the wound. It was a very deep cut. Had we been in the US, he probably would have gotten stitches. We decided to head back to the hotel to clean him up and to use their first aid kit. It's always an adventure with Jason!!

Another evening, we went back to Fisherman's Village for dinner and to take pictures. This was such a great evening because the weather was perfect and it was a very relaxing night. Jason got some great pictures. So lucky to have such a talented photographer as my husband!!

We took a taxi over to Chaweng to experience the restaurants and nightlife on two different evenings. The first night we were in Chaweng, we stumbled upon The Red Snapper which had live music and dancing. Jason even volunteered me to go on stage to play the tamborine with the band (I was so embarrassed!). We danced to Spanish music and had such a great time. After the band left and the restaurant died down, we decided to head over to the Green Mango to check it out. It is a club and was full of college students and young kids (man I'm getting old!!) so we decided to leave after one drink. Then, we went on a little adventure to find the Ice Bar since it was so hot that night. We figured it would be a great way to cool off-- and that it was!! It was such a fun evening with my husband. I love that we are goofy and have a lot of fun together!!

After we 5 days in Thailand, we went to Singapore so Jason could finish up some work. We had a great time in Singapore too. It was my first trip back since we lived there so it was nice to catch up with some friends.

Our trip was nothing short of amazing and I can't wait to go back. Asia holds a piece of my heart! :)

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