Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mom's First Visit To Austria

My Mom finally came to visit us in Austria and boy was it a great time! She was here for 10 days and we took full advantage of our time together.

Here was our itinerary that I came up with:
Friday-Sept. 2: Travel to Budapest
Saturday-Sept. 3: Budapest Bike Tour
Sunday-Sept. 4: Budapest then travel to Salzburg
Monday-Sept. 5: Castle/Monchberg/St. Peter's Cathedral, Cemetary then dinner with the girls
Tuesday-Sept. 6: Sound of Music Tour/tobogganing
Wednesday-Sept.: 7 Lake Konigsee then movie night
Thursday-Sept. 8: Mirabell garden/market then Geisberg then movie at theatre and out for drinks
Friday-Sept. 9: Hallstatt
Saturday-Sept. 10: Travel to Munich and visit the clock
Sunday-Sept. 11: Mom Departs from Munich

I had such a wonderful time showing my Mom around our stomping ground. After our trip to Budapest, Jason had to fly to Asia for work for two weeks so it was also nice to have some company too.

I can't wait to have more family and friends come visit us. I love it!! :)

Memories I'll never forget: Flower gelato, tabogganing, taking pictures in areas you were not allowed to, syphilis physalis, HUGE pretzels, the Rosenheim festival, Jack following Mom everywhere, schnitzel, holy schnapps, karaoke, and so much more. Memories that I will never forget!!

I love you Mom and am so happy you took the time to come visit us. I can't wait until next time!! :)

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