Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kaitlyn's High School Graduation in Missouri

Last Wednesday, Jason and I were off on another road trip to Missouri for a long weekend. This time was a lot of fun. We went to go see his daughter, Kaitlyn, graduate high school. So excited for her! In case you were wondering, Kaitlyn decided to join the U.S. ARMY and will attend bootcamp and then training this summer and fall. Next spring she will start school at MSU. We are so proud of her and know she will do great in all that she does!
While we were in Missouri, we stayed at Jason's parent's house. They own a buffalo ranch. We got to play around the ranch and see the baby donkey and baby buffalos. We went running on the pretty country roads, went shopping, and went out to eat in Branson. All in all, we had a great time. Isn't it lovely when you can go somewhere beautiful and get away from it all? I sure did need it since it is wedding crunch time. I can't believe we are getting married in 10 days!! Ahhhh! So much to do! Don't worry, I'll try to keep you posted!

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