Friday, September 18, 2009

Rain, rain, go away!

So lately I have begun to feel like I live in Seattle. It has rained for several days now and according to, it will rain for about another week (if not more!). I thought that I moved down here from Ohio to get away from the clouds and the rain... WTF! Until I moved down here, I never realized how much the weather contributes to your "Qi" if you will. I have found that people down south are happier, maybe because they live in the sunshine states. Although lately, people haven't been very happy with this weather.

Many articles, such as one written online in the Health in Fitness section, state that weather does not really affect our mood. I beg to differ. I have not heard so many people talk about the nasty weather and begging for sunshine. The only glimmer of sunshine that I see coming from this is that our lake is filling up, which is definitely a great thing!

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