Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I haven't logged onto blogger since March. How is that even possible? And better yet, why?

Truth be told, being the perfectionist I am, I was so stressed out by the thought of catching up. Catching up in chronological order now is pretty much impossible and I am quite relieved. Now there is no pressure. I am disappointed that I haven't blogged for so long of Olivia's life but this is a perfect opportunity for a fresh new start. And I am going to do things a bit differently now. I may not post as frequently as I previously did (or maybe I will). The posts may not be in chronological order (but that's ok). I will post when I can. Sometimes I may have a long story or sometimes it may be short and sweet. I'll just see where the wind takes me... and as always, thanks for following.

Stay tuned... xx

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