Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Sweet Little Travel Buddy

I know I am behind on my posts so don't you fret, I'll catch up soon. Since my last post we have made it to Salzburg, Ohio and we are now in Singapore. Olivia has been an amazing little travel buddy. On our way to Salzburg, she slept 8 out of the 9 1/2 hours and was a dream. On our way off the flight people asked us if we had a baby with us the whole time (I wanted to say, "No, we didn't. She just met us here now.") ;) On the way back, we were in business class and everyone around us complimented us on how wonderful she was. We are very lucky! I'm not sure what we would do if she wasn't a good traveler. I guess just suck it up.

The trips to Ohio and Singapore went very well to. Obviously the shorter the flight the better since that means less feedings and diaper changes. I am not sure how people travel with infants such long distances alone. I couldn't have done it without Jason and I am dreading the day when I will have to (because I know that day will come). How do people use the toilet with a baby in that small little restroom? How do you eat if you don't have an empty seat next to you and no one to switch with you? I am sure I will figure this out but for now I will just count my blessings that Jason was with me and that we had empty seats next to us for the carseat on each of the flights. 

On our way to Singapore we did have a slight hiccup. My beloved Maxi Cosi stroller was heavily damaged on the Atlanta to Tokyo leg of our journey. When we arrived in Tokyo, we couldn't use the stroller and had to file a claim through Delta (and walk all through the airport carrying my little chunk). When we arrived in Singapore, however, the stroller was a bit more straight (not sure if someone fixed it or if it popped back into place) but was still noticeably damaged but usable. The stroller is now being assessed by a Delta representative so yesterday we had to make do without, which is very difficult when you don't have a vehicle. Hopefully we will get it back soon or get a new one. I don't think I could get by without one for the month we are here. But I'll keep you posted on that. 

Our visits to both Salzburg and Ohio were amazing. It was so great to see my lovely friends and family!! I will make sure to post about them this coming week. I will have plenty of free time because Jason leaves for Australia Tuesday through Thursday so baby girl and I are on our own. We'll have plenty of time to explore and blog. :)

For now, here are some pics of my sweet little travel buddy!! 

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