Saturday, June 9, 2012

Miscommunication Oopsie at the Hairdresser

Well, it was bound to happen here in Austria. And I am thankful it happened to Jason and not me (sorry honey!). We have a good hairdresser here in Salzburg. She speaks English pretty well but Jason doesn't really like the way she cuts his hair (she does a great job with mine though). For men, she uses scissors instead of clippers no matter how short you want it. Jason doesn't really like that, so this time around he asked her to use clippers instead. She kept saying that she didn't think I would like it and of course now he understands why. Usually he has the sides cut short and the top a little longer so he can style it. She didn't understand and just shaved the whole thing one very short length. Oops! Needless to say, he just should have stuck with the ush. Oh well, thank goodness his hair grows very fast.

Here is what his hair usually looks like:

And here is what he got:

Oops!!  ;)

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