Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Case of the Mondays

I know that today is Tuesday but my case of the Mondays decided to roll into today as well. Most of my posts tend to be positive but I would be lying if I said that I don't get frustrated here sometimes. Things just don't seem to get done here like they do in the US.

A few weeks ago we had an issue with our shower door. The bottom seal fell off and needed to be replaced. This caused water to leak everywhere! The first time this happened the plumber came and fixed it the next day. Apparently he didn't do a good enough job or didn't use the right part because the new seal fell off that same week. We called the plumber again and he came and said that he had to order a new part and that he would be back the same week. Two weeks later, the plumber still hadn't come and they kept saying they were waiting on said part. During that time, we were going through towels like crazy, trying to mop up all the water which was extremely annoying. I explained that my inlaws were coming to town and that I wanted the issue resolved before then. When did the plumber come, you ask? On day 5 of their trip. This is exhibit one of how difficult it is to get things fixed around here. Needless to say, I was very glad that the issue was solved.

Fast forward to yesterday. Of course with my luck, since the shower door was finally fixed, my flat decided that it needed something else wrong with it. In the middle of the morning, as I was doing laundry, the power in two of our rooms decided that it wanted to stop working. This meant that we no longer could do dishes in the dishwasher, laundry, and had no internet or TV. I messed around with our fuse box for over an hour with no luck. It was clear that I needed to contact an electrician. After going through our landlord, we were finally given the go ahead to call an electrician. Since Thursday is a holiday here, several of the companies are fully booked for the week. I was told that someone might be able to come Friday to look at it and if not, then the following week. I was not a happy camper when I heard this. I was sure that it would take a few seconds to fix if you actually knew what you were doing. Martha, who works in Jason's office and helps with things regarding our flat(since we don't speak German), called me back a few hours later and told me that she found a company that could come today to fix it. I was thrilled. I was very glad my friend Ruth was over because of course the electrician didn't speak English and she helped explain the problem to him in German. He was here for maybe 10 minutes and got the electricity back on. He said it was an issue with a fuse in the main building (not our flat). I was very grateful he was able to come on such short notice to fix it, especially since Jason is out of town and I wouldn't know what to do without TV or internet for a few days by myself. Oh silly technology, look what you've done to us! You've spoiled me!

Besides small issues with our dishwasher and oven, the flat is finally in working order (knock on wood). I am not even going to attempt to get the dishwasher or oven fixed because it would be more of a headache than it is to work around their "issues". It seems like we are onto our next adventure next year anyway, so I can deal with them for the next few months. And don't worry, once we are 100% sure of what the next adventure is, I'll be sure to tell you. I'll give you a hint though, it will be outside the US.


P.S. Oh and to top today off, we have managed to get our 6th or 7th ticket (speeding, following too closely, etc.) sent to the office in the mail today. Damn highway cameras!! I won't say who the bad driver in the family is but please note that only 1 of those is mine, which is the one posted and happens to be the cheapest one. ;) (I still love you honey but I'm driving from now on! ;) XOXO)

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