Thursday, December 8, 2011

White Elephant

Last night, we had our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange in Salzburg. A total of 8 of us attended. For those that couldn't make it, we missed you!! We started off by having some gluhwien before a lovely dinner at St. Peter Stiftskeller. St. Peter Stiftskeller is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the world and it's website states "Genuine Salzburg hospitality for over 1,200 years". There is a document that mentions the restaurant and inn that dates back to 803 A.D. Craziness!!

We had a lovely evening of opening presents, eating, drinking wine, and many laughs. And of course, some Krumpusses stopped by and joined in on the fun. Thank goodness they were nice and took a picture with us. If you don't know what a Krampus is, feel free to check out my blog here to read all about them.

Here are some pictures of our evening. It was just fabulous!! And, we even had our first snow of the season! :)

The highlight of the evening for me, was a letter that was opened at the table that was written by my dear friend Geana from Holland. I literally started crying while it was being read. Here it is:

It says:

Hello my friend, 

I hope the one who gets this present will be happy with it. I choosed it cos it symbolizes something. Destiny brought all of us together in a time when the most of us were far away from home and when we were in need of a friend. We have shared many laughter and some of us have shared some tears... 

We were here for each other, we made our time here better and more beautiful. But one day a few of us will travel on again and then we all will be spread all over this world. I just hope that you, who keeps this little present, will sometimes look at it and that you will remember the time you have spent in Salzburg. I hope you will remember each of us and that the memories of us all will put a big smile on your face. 

Thank you very much for being a friend. 

Lots of Love, 


I am so thankful to have such lovely friends in Salzburg. I will definitely look back on all of these memories and smile. 

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