Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Matthew Allen Pelot

This one's for you Matt:

There is a lot to know
about my dear friend Matthew Allen Pelot

One of the first things you may find
Is that Matt is always happy, pretty much all the time

He has a wonderful wife, Christina
And when together, they go by Mistina

He has two cats, Manolo and Gus
They roam around the house and rarely fuss

When he was younger, headphones in ears
He would secretly listen to rap, unbeknownst to his Mom, like all of his peers.

He works for a company, doing inventory
But that, in itself, is a whole different story

His birthday is in October, which is the best
For in Helen, we celebrate, at Oktoberfest

When he is out, he has a beer in his hand
Until, that is, he can no longer stand

He must be a true artist at heart
Helping me with the cornhole boards was just a start

He loves to follow me on nice, long hikes
And then after them, a long nap he likes

He cooks and glazes ham just like a pro
But other things in the kitchen, I just don't know

He loves to get his butt kicked while playing the Wii
His wife wins at bowling, just like me

Halloween was fun and he dressed like Ricky Bobby
Being a goofball is another one of his hobbies

He now spends time in boot camp, yes he did enroll
To try to keep his big belly under control

There is so much to say about this wonderful man
I'm sure if you've met him, you are a fan

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