Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year- 2010!

Goodbye 2009 and welcome 2010! I can't believe the holidays are already over but I am very excited to see what this year will bring!

For New Years, Jason and I drove up to Chicago to visit his family and my friend Ashley and her brothers. It was my first time in Chicago and I loved it (minus the freezing cold weather, that is)! We had a chance to see all the touristy stuff, visit with Jason's family the first couple of days and then spent the last partying with my friends. On New Years Eve we went to a club called Lumen, where they held a 1920's New Years Eve Party where everyone dressed as flappers and gangsters. I was so excited but there was one problem- Jason couldn't get a ticket because they were sold out. I had purchased my ticket several weeks prior for $130, before I even knew Jason was going to Chicago too. They sold out of tickets only days after I purchased mine. So there we were, in Chicago wanting to spend New Years together, when Jason couldn't get into the club. I was very upset, not only because I wanted my New Years kiss from my man, but also because I felt awful that Jason would have to spend it by himself at a local bar. So there I was, in the club with my friends, texting Jason at the bar when it dawned on me that we should at least TRY to get him into the club. My friend Danielle's boyfriend, Justin, had purchased 3 tickets under his name (who were all already in the club). Our idea was that Jason should use Justin's name and see if he could get in. Jason left the bar he was at, walked in the freezing cold, and gave it a shot. When he got up to the bouncer, the bouncer told him that all the tickets had been used. Jason was dressed up like a gangster and much to our surprise, the bouncer let him in anyway! So I was drinking my rum and coke and all of a sudden I see Jason walk in with a smile on his face. I could not have been happier! He ran up to me and kissed me. I sure was one happy lady! What a wonderful way to end my year! So here's to a New Year full of love and a little bit of luck! Welcome 2010!











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